Best Uses of Lighting in Home Security

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As a homeowner, one must be aware of all the different ways to improve the security of their home. Each method of home security uniquely contributes to the task, and lighting is possibly the most effective way to make your home safer. Lighting is a very part of your home since it enhances a lot of different aspects of it. The same is the case with home security since good lighting can make a huge difference in how you monitor your home. 

With good lighting both inside and around your home, you can rest assured that you will always feel safe living there. It is the perfect way to simultaneously beautify your home and add to its level of safety, which is why this is an investment every homeowner should consider making. The following are some ways through which lighting can be used to increase security in a home, and for those looking for a smart alternative, FirstEnergy is a good source.

Improves Visibility

One of the main things which impact a home’s value is visibility. This refers to how well you can see each part of your home, and thus affects how easy it is to monitor. Your home must be properly visible in all areas, and no part of it should be hidden in shadows. This can also result in a much more secure home. While there are a number of factors contributing to your home’s visibility, lighting is definitely what affects it the most. A well-lit home is always more desirable to buyers and creates a better living atmosphere for the residents.

In order to improve visibility, you must light your home strategically. This can be done by adding proper lighting to even the often neglected areas of your home, such as the attic, backyard or places like the laundry room. If your home is well-lit, your smart gadgets such as motion sensors and security cameras will also be able to function much better, resulting in a safer home.

May Protect a Vacant Home 

Your home is most vulnerable when you are away from it. To create a perfectly safe home all year round, you must take certain precautions to ensure that your home isn’t completely abandoned when you go on a trip, or even out to work a full day. Lighting can help give the illusion of a home being occupied, even if you aren’t present inside. This is a great way to drive away any potential intruders, since most break-ins occur when the home is empty. 

There are many ways to make a vacant home safer, such as having someone watch over your home while you are away. They can collect your mail and water your plants to give the impression that the home is under surveillance, and adding lighting to this routine will add to the safety. Even if you don’t have smart lights installed everywhere, make sure to have someone trustworthy turn the lights on while you’re away from home.

Motion Sensors

Lighting is already a very helpful tool to elevate the living experience in your home, but it can still be made better. By pairing your lights up with motion sensors, you can add some additional features to your lighting tactics and make your home look and feel even better. With motion sensors, your lights will automatically turn on when you walk into the room. This is a great way to save time, energy and know whenever someone walks into a certain room – this is what makes it a good security precaution as well. Motion sensors are discrete and can take smart home automation to a whole new level. They can be installed both inside and outside your home, which makes them the perfect choice for home security. 

Flood Lights

Most lights installed in your home are there for the purpose of improving visibility at all times and allowing you to move around freely to accomplish your tasks regardless of the time of day. However, there are some lights that are only meant to be on for a specific time period, and serve a particular purpose. For example, solar-powered LED lights only turn on when it gets dark outside. Floodlights are quite similar, and are often shone in the face of unwanted visitors. Since these lights are huge and very bright, they can decrease visibility substantially when shone in one’s eyes. 

Nights Become Safer

The most obvious use of lighting for home security is to make the nights safer. With no sunlight, a lot of areas in your home may be left completely dark during nighttime. You can use lights to prevent this from happening, which is why installing them in places like the backyard is important. The entrances should be properly lit, and so should areas outside windows. This makes it a lot more difficult for intruders to get inside the home since visibility is increased at every entrance. 


Your home is where you keep all your valuables, and hope to live and peaceful, stress-free life. It is a space meant to protect you at all times, without the fear of any harm (internal or external) coming to your things. This is why ensuring security in a home is an important investment, one which can save you a lot of hassle and money in the long run. It is something that allows homeowners to turn their home into the perfect living space.

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