Discount Air Cleaner Review – How to locate Two times the Air Cleaner Technology For Half the Cost

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I have been buying home air cleaners for near to 35 years. Everything began due to bronchial asthma and allergy problems within my youth. Over individuals years I have owned over 72 brands, including negative ion purifiers, hepa home air cleaners, Ozone home air cleaners, Oreck, and water home air cleaners. Here’s top tips on home air cleaners, and a few buying strategies for saving cash:

New Air Cleaner Technology For Allergy Relief

To tell the truth – air cleaner technology has not altered much within the last 3 decades. The only real new development is a few new technology appearing out of Japan which could identify pollen, odor, and dirt. The advantage – the air cleaner may change based on the air within the room, and also you save electricity whilst getting the very best air possible.

Ion, Hepa, or Ozone?

Due to the inexpensive of production in China now you can find home air cleaners with 3,5, even 8 or nine technologies in a single unit but at the expense on most infomercial units.

Ion – Most infomercial models are strictly negative ion. Negative ions attract many airborne particles (that are positively billed. These home air cleaners range from the ones with “washable filters” (you are essentially cleansing the plates which are billed). Negative ion is a method to “purify” the environment, however is not recognized to perform a good job of “cleaning” the environment.

Hepa – Hepa is really a cloth-like filter that is effective for pollen, dust, along with other airborne particles. (Consider the filter for the furnace, or even the air conditioning filter inside your vehicle and you will see what i mean). Most manufacturers don’t include HEPA filters (I have yet to determine an infomercial with Hepa) due to the cost involved. Yet Hepa remains the best against pollen, dust as well as removes lots of pollution.

Ozone – Extremely effective for odors of any sort, mildew and mold – ozone is natures method of washing the air when used at safe levels. Sharper Image as well as their ionic Breeze had issues with Consumer Reports who reported unsafe levels being created by their purifiers. Some manufacturers are in possession of on/off ozone – well suited for periodic utilization of ozone for hard smells, mold, and also to “treat an area”.

5 Buying Strategies For Obtaining A Better Home Air Cleaners For A Cheap Price

With lots of manufacturers available on the market (mostly each one is now appearing out of China) heavy competition makes it a buyers market. Infomercial models are largely overpriced to pay for the price of advertising. Below are some strategies for both buying for a cheap price on the internet and ensuring you’ve got a the best value:

1) Determine we’ve got the technology you would like (I would recommend multi-stage purifiers with 5-9 technologies)

2) Search on the internet evaluating technology, size of the room, and costs at sites like http://world wide or do a google search

3) With reduced costs appearing out of China, there’s simply no need to pay over $400 to have an air cleaner – regardless of how good it may sound or how large your living space

4) Include HEPA, it is the best at washing the air – while you need to switch the filters it really is most effective

5) Make sure that the substitute filters are affordable (under $35 is affordable) before choosing any purifier.

6) While in doubt check eBay – if you notice many of them for purchase (such as the oreck XL) you realize there’s an issue. Also search the model using the word “complaints” for forums and problems.

Breathe Well, Eat Well!

Mark Richardson is definitely an author, and former Health Specialist who researches leading edge health products.

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