High quality PCB manufacturing service from ChinaPCBOne

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The printed circuit board is a basic requirement for the majority of the electronic products in the market. The printed circuit boards are commonly used in various day-to-day tools, devices, and applications like clocks and calculators amongst others. The printed circuit boards routes electric signals in the provided design specification for bringing the electronic devices to life. There are various manufacturers in the market who offer highly excellent PCB products and services for the customers globally.

ChinaPCBOne is one of the most reliable PCB manufacturer of top standard multi-layer PCB products in the market. One of the unique selling points of ChinaPCBOne is the fact that it offers consistent as well as high quality PCB manufacturing at affordable rates for customers around the world. The company produces multilayer PCB, flex rigid PCB, mixed pressure PCB, heavy copper PCB, HDI PCB, and other special types of processes or materials related to PCB. Besides the manufacturing services the company also offers PCB assembly services, PCB design services, and components purchasing services.

What type of PCB products you can expect from ChinaPCBOne?

The market that is primarily targeted by ChinaPCBOne is high density interconnects, process printed circuit boards, special material, and high multilayer PCB. One of the big focus of the company is on high density which is more than 40 layers, special printed circuit board materials, and related processes. The examples include aluminum base PCB, high frequency PCB, HDI PCB, and heavy copper PCB.

ChinaPCBOne also offers partial as well as full turnkey assembly services. The company has worked with more than 3000 customers thereby providing around 5000 electronic product projects. A decade of experience in the industry has enabled the company to provide one stop services that includes component procurement, manufacturing, plus all in one assembly. The capabilities of the assembly provided by the company are BGA, SMT, Mixed, Through hole, and Rigid flex. The company complies with various quality standards that includes IPC610 class 2 as well as 3. 

The company provides four fundamental services in the form of PCB assembly, parts management, IC programming, and functional testing. Some of the common applications where the PCB products from ChinaPCBOne are used are security products, LED products, automatic electronic products, industrial electronic products, communication products, and digital products amongst others. ChinaPCBOne provides a one-stop destination for all the client and customer requirements by providing PCB design, PCB fabrication, PCB assembly, PCB manufacturing, and component procurement services on its platform. So if the customers have functional requirements related to the PCB products, they can find it at ChinaPCBOne.

ChinaPCBOne also provides a top-notch, self-service platform for customers where they can basically get automated quotes and then place orders easily. The automated quoting ensures that the order can be placed within minutes and the product can be implemented in few days. If you have any queries related to the PCB manufacturing and assembly services provided by the company then you can contact the customer support representative for more information. 

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