How to enhance supply chain visibility using SCM software?

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With the market being so competitive, and customer demands being higher than ever, businesses are often finding it hard to keep up. As supply chains become more globalized and complex, the challenge of keeping business processes running smoothly increases at an even higher rate. 

Businesses need a way to stay on top of their operations. Some of the best SCM software was created for this very purpose – to enhance supply chain visibility and help companies improve their overall efficiency. Want to see how it does that? Keep reading to find out. 

Use IoT and AI-Enabled SCM Software 

Internet of Things or IoT contains a network of physical devices equipped with connected software and sensors. 

It’s due to the existence of IoT that delivery of end products has become faster and to the time. It is revolutionizing the way organizations monitor, analyze and improve their supply chain activities. 

This method of information gathering can be executed through wireless technologies like RFID.

Moreover, shippers get access to a centralized system that makes data collection and sharing of data easier than before. The data can be shared with others in real-time as the product migrates from the supply chain. 

  • With IoT, you get a big picture of delivery until it reaches the final destination, starting right from the warehouse. 
  • Data received from IoT is more accurate than any traditional form. You can get the real-time location of the product using the sensors. 
  • Decision-making becomes simpler and faster because you can get the traffic patterns and predict delays even before the product reaches its last mile. 
  • Integration of IoT with AI and machine learning will prevent delays in shipping by helping you to choose the right route with predictive analysis. 
  • IoT is also helpful in knowing the exact location of where items are opened and delivered. 

Know the Pain Points

Spend time with people in your organization including internal departments and the vendors. Identify the areas where problems are existing. Make sure to go deeper and find the most difficult problem to tackle. It can be with inventory management, order and billing, logistics, and so on. Try to do your own research and prioritize areas that you need to counter first. Doing this will help your business to move in the right direction. 

Determine Goals

You have to determine some goals to be accomplished by your team. Ask them questions regarding customer needs and the solutions to help them achieve. Eventually, you have to develop a plan of action and create strategies with your team. Delegate responsibilities now considering the potential of your employees. For every set goal, choose a deadline so that everything happens on time. 

Measure Performance

It’s always necessary to measure the performance of your supply chain management. Because you can’t improve anything about which you have no idea. Thus, based on the goals, identify the most important KPIs. After that, the best supply chain management feature coupled with automated KPI measurement will fit the best. This way, every improvement sets your company apart from your competitors. 

Encourage Collaboration

Collaborate with your vendors, beginning with those that can affect the supply chain the most. Focus on creating a win-win situation. After ending talks with them, move on to the other networks in your supply chain. Ask them where supply chain management software will fit in all interactions. 


Investing in brilliant technology isn’t enough when you want results. There should be a joint collaboration of team members to utilize the best SCM software rightly. 

If your business is still not using any SCM software, it’s time to do so. Check the GEP Supply chain software and tools to manage your supply chain effectively and efficiently. 

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