Incorporating Technology Within The Teaching – Learning Process

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Greatly before implementation of (ICT) enabled learning Teaching and Assessment strategies the next concepts need to be considered Goals, targets, reorganisation and rationalisation, Diversity in meeting the requirements of students, Versatility when it comes to delivery, monitoring and evaluation mechanism etc.,

Design and Planning

Planning and Incorporation of technology (ICT) -enabled learning

The kind of learners the e-learning method would attract and cater into are Corporate Learners, Professional Enhancement Learners. Degree Completion Adult Learners, Existence Fulfillment Learners, “College Experience” Adult Learners, “College Experience” Learners, Removal and Test Preparation Learners.

The next questions have to be requested while incorporating technology within the teaching- learning process

o The amount of understanding that students bring into class.

o Using technology over the entire curriculum, including courses provided by colleges which after that.

o Creating a basis where to construct within the junior and later years.

o How faculty can improve their understanding of utilizing technology through the chance to learn from the students ?

o Just how much infrastructure will be built upon by which students routinely use technology as quickly because they study using pencil and paper?

Important too questions are how educational materials are packaged and offered, how libraries are utilized, the function of educational support personnel for example instructional designers, technology support, and marketing personnel, and the way administrative support systems are anticipated to operate.

e- Content Governance Models

Several universities and greater education systems have produced distinct learning online or e-learning delivery structures and governance models for achievement.

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