Matt Davies Stockton Reveals the Significance of Having Good Web Hosting

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According to Matt Davies Stockton, successful modern businesses have successful websites as one of the components of their foundation. Without good web hosting, your foundation would be hollow and very weak. Let’s check out the significance of having good web hosting. 

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  1. Avoid slow websites – If your website is slow and takes a long time to load, most users would simply close the tab or go back to the previous page. A fast website made possible by good web hosting delivers a good user experience and gives legitimacy to your business. A slow website would increase the bounce rate while a fast website is more likely to convert random visitors into regular users and customers. Research shows that a quick and responsive website is more likely to retain traffic and create new valuable users. 
  2. Fewer chances of the website being down – A poor web host is known as such for its pathetic service. Web hosts that are dirt cheap or free don’t put in as many resources in expanding or maintaining their infrastructure. If your website is hosted with such providers, it is more likely to be disrupted or unavailable for most of the time. Poor web hosts are less likely to protect your website. If you’re a legitimate business, you lose money, customers, and their trust when your website is down. 
  3. Better security – Good web hosting providers don’t just provide you with reliable service, they also provide you with a secure IP address and enable HTTPS on your website. This means you get a secure site where sensitive information is encrypted and protected. 

Any information that passes through your website is automatically encrypted and hidden from the wider web. This gives peace of mind to users who share private information like addresses or contact details for buying products from your site. HTTPS is one of the many layers of security you have against hackers. 

  1. Better support – With poor web hosting providers, you won’t get any support when things go wrong. You could lose valuable information, stats, and your entire business and have no way of fixing it. There’s no such problem with good web hosts. Things go wrong fewer times. They have servers and backups to get your site back online or recover everything if things go wrong and would even assist you with technical support when necessary. 
  2. SEO – A slow website, high downtime, no HTTPS, and other such issues with poor web hosts contribute to poor SEO rankings. That means your website would be pushed down and lost among Google’s search results. With a good web hosting provider, you can nail the basics and don’t need to compromise your rank on search engine results. That way you have a fair chance of attracting potential customers. 


Matt Davies Stockton suggests that you pay more attention to web hosting and choose a better and more reliable web hosting provider. While free and cheap web hosting providers may be appropriate for those who just need an online presence, you need good web hosting if your website gets a decent amount of traffic.


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