Mobile RFID printer – All you need to know 

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Printers that use RFID technology are known for their printing and encoding information on labels or RFID inlays. These devices are the only ways one can opt to print on labels. The inclusion of advanced RFID technology also allows the overall procedure to be a lot faster than usual. This is done by automating the manual process of trying to encode each tag. RFID printers are known to save a lot of time for their users. During certain operations, the printers can print around 14 inches per second. That would be roughly around 6 tags for every 2-inch tag. TSC mobile RFID printers are also preferred by many people out there, as it is considered to be the best in the market.

The RFID can be categorized and placed in several sections that will help recognize their type. Broadly the RFID printers can be categorized and identified into three main categories that include: Desktop, mobile, and industry. Another mode of recognition used for RFID printers is through tag compatibility, and this is usually done with the help of frequency or even specialized tags.

Things to look for before purchasing a mobile RFID printer

The purchase of an RFID printer might be a bit too lengthy. This is because of all the purchasing features you need to keep in mind. A few of such features to look for are:

  1. The printing resolution of the asset, also known as dots per inch (dpi). The best resolution that suits an RFID printer comes in with a typical 203 dpi. For custom printing, you can also opt to choose various other dips.
  2. Getting your eyes on which type of items are getting printed. For RFID printers, the basic type of printing can be done for paper like blades, cards, wristbands, etc.
  3. The volume of one such printer will also play a huge role in the way it functions. These printers come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Your need can be a small one, or you might need a bigger outlet to print thousands of labels. If you prefer the second outlet, you might want to purchase an RFID printer used for high-volume printing.


The inclusion of a mobile RFID printer can be highly beneficial, but at the same time, purchasing should be done with great precision and research.

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