Remote Workforce Demands Biometric Identity Assurance

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Shifting to a remote work setup has allowed enterprises to continue operations while complying with quarantine protocols amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Worries on the health of various industries and the demand for skilled workers have arisen. With this, the remote workforce is expected to fill these gaps in the coming years.

However, this shift to a remote work model can also pose potential security risks to businesses, especially if they still have insufficient digital defenses. Consequently, companies need to implement necessary measures such as effective identity authentication to ensure safety, prevent delays and productivity loss.

One change that businesses can adopt is switching to mobile biometric verification solutions with additional security controls such as active liveness detection and anti-spoofing features to avoid data breach attempts. Moreover, passwordless systems like a multi-factor authentication solution or MFA can also be an alternative to knowledge-based credentials like passwords to ensure that only authorized devices are used in remote working.

Aside from this, advanced defenses like device-based credentials in MFA can provide a hassle-free and convenient experience for the user. Device-based credentials also integrate a strong combination of authentication factors such as inherence factor and possession factors that offers simplicity while adding protection against cybersecurity risks.Mobile biometric solutions can help companies address security concerns while boosting employee productivity and business operations even during a pandemic.

Several mobile biometric authentication solutions can detect and determine potentially suspicious activities through the device used to log in. Furthermore, modernidentity verification solutions can also help safeguard significant business data like corporate transactions with high-value or high risk.

While numerous companies are still adopting a remote work setup due to the impact of the pandemic, efforts to ensure security for their employees and address challenges for potential risks in the digital realm remain crucial today. 

For more information about the demands for biometric identity assurance, here is an infographic from authID.

Remote Workforce Demands Biometric Identity Assurance



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