Top IGTV Influencer Marketing Tips

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If you are looking to become an influencer, you can entirely rely upon Instagram to make your vision come true. With over and above millions of followers, you can get reach and connect with anyone from any corner of the world. Instagram develops and launches various features to help small businesses, influencers, and also start-ups get established and grow their business. 

IGTV is one of the prominent features of Instagram that can be effectively used to be in the spotlight. If you are looking to be an influencer and get popular on the base, you can use IGTV inculcating marketing strategies. These strategies will help you to lay a strong foundation. Our team of social media experts has worked on the top IGTV influencer marketing tips to give you thorough knowledge on the head.

Why IGTV for Marketing?

With the aid of IGTV, you can upload high-quality creative videos to express yourself as an influencer. You can create as short as 15 seconds and can extend it up to a maximum of 10 minutes. Instagram-verified accounts can post videos for as long as an hour. IGTV is one of the best platforms to do marketing if you are looking to become an influencer. Videos usually captivate attention more than pictures and posts. So is the success rate of IGTV.

Top IGTV Marketing Tips

  • Go live

Going live is one of the most effective ways to market yourself as an influencer. You can try going live shopping or cooking or makeup tutorials. This will capture the attention of your followers and viewers. Also, going live on IGTV will develop a separate fanbase for you as you will exhibit your natural self.

  • Be consistent

Maintain the frequency of your posts. Remaining consistent will help you lay a strong foundation among your followers. Having a calendar to remind you of the posts to be put up on the handle is one good trick to maintain consistency. Being online and being present on your follower’s feeds is one key element that has to be kept in mind before you initiate your marketing process because failing to do so will result in creating a negative impact.

  • Be innovative

Innovation in your marketing will put you in the spotlight. With so much competition on the social media platform, you can excel in the race only if you portray your uniqueness. Being one among the commons will make you disappear in the sea of influencers. Make IGTV videos that make you stand apart from the crowd. Apart from being innovative, you can buy Instagram reels views to elevate your reach.

  • Do collaborations with influencers

Getting in touch with famous influencers and looking to collaborate with them is one effective marketing tool. You will be benefited from an increase in followers and will also be able to talk about your purpose of presence on the platform. Collaborations need not be very frequent but you can encourage it occasionally.

  • Shoot behind the scenes

Behind the scenes are one good technique that can be adapted to attract people. People are generally attracted to innocence and they are keen on knowing what goes behind the actual frame. You can also post IGTV videos of the preparations to let them know about your efforts. 

  • Be real

Being real in front of the lens and behind the camera will make you last longer because a fake mask will be revealed at some point in time. Ensure to remain real throughout your shoot. People are captivated by true emotions rather than fake masks. Additionally, you can examine the chances to get likes for your IGTV videos to expand your audience.

  • Do tutorials

Tutorials can be a good marketing tool. Tutorials usually gain attention as most people look for tutorials before they do a task. Be it cooking or wardrobe organization or makeup, tutorials are one of the top searched heads. Viewers are used to gaining all the tricks and information. This is where your work can aid them. So make efficient tutorials to be in the spotlight.

  • Make IGTV series

IGTV series can be made where relevant videos can be posted under a head. This will make it easier for viewers to preview the videos that they are looking for. Make sure to post only relevant videos as irrelevant content will spoil the purpose. 

  • Be creative with your cover

Creative covers will attract viewers to your IGTV videos. Aesthetically pleasing covers are one pathway to attract people to watch your videos. So, it is highly advisable to keep creative and attractive covers for your IGTV videos. 

  • Keep insights

Always make it a point to check the insights. Keeping a check on the insights will help you learn the corrections needed. This will also help you understand if you are traveling in the right direction. Insights are a part of your profile and you can check them in the dashboard itself. 


Becoming a successful influencer depends entirely on your efforts. Taking it lightly will turn it fatal. Make sure to work on it consistently and dedicate separate hours to formulate what works best for you. Hope our article has served its purpose and helped you gain enough knowledge on Influencer marketing tips.


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