Why Do You Need a Pizza Phone for Your Restaurant?

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If you use the term, people will almost certainly ask you questions. What sets pizza phones different from other phone designs? Are they functionally comparable to the Juno hamburger phone? The Clarity Voice PizzaPhone is a service that, although seeming to be a ridiculous gimmick, will surely make your pizza restaurant, whether it is an independent or franchise, a huge success. This phone system will make it easier to manage calls and take care of customer demands for pizza delivery services.

Clarity Voice Explained

We must briefly discuss our job before going into our PizzaPhones. Helping businesses of all sizes embrace and leverage VoIP systems for client acquisition and retention is one of our strengths. As a result of this advancement, you may now make and receive calls from any location with an internet connection (or an internet café). Additionally, since such information is stored in the cloud, you can be confident that you won’t miss any calls.

What Led to the Creation of PizzaPhones?

We assessed the popularity of selling and eating pizza using our PizzaPhones. Even with the most conservative projections, pizza sales will top $14 billion in 2020. Pizza must be very popular in America if pizzerias can produce this much dough. While all development is welcome, some businesses may need support in handling an unanticipated increase in contact volume.

This may lead to correct or comprehensive orders. At Clarity Voice, we place a high focus on your financial security. People who have previously operated pizzerias are present here, so they are familiar with what it takes to run a successful business like yours.

PizzaPhone Perks

It is feasible to answer many calls at once, as previously mentioned. PizzaPhones reduce busy signals to entice consumers to remain with you rather than go out on their own. Customers’ background music and the sound effects in the waiting area may be modified. Elevator music won’t draw their attention away from your discounts and offers; instead, they’ll pay attention to them, allowing you more time to answer.

PizzaPhones may be used to manage any emergency, including lost internet connectivity and power outages. Customers can get in touch with you 99.99% of the time because of cellular failover. In the unlikely occasion that an issue occurs, our IT staff is prepared to assist.

Is there anything stopping you from asking for our help? Consider the hundreds of other businesses we have assisted! You’ll notice that a few of them have had exceptional success, and some well-known companies have even started using our PizzaPhones. Pizza Hut, Hungry Howies, and Pizza King are just a few of the many small and large businesses that use our services.

Clarity Voice’s primary concerns are the success of your company and the pleasure of your clients. We go above and above to meet your unique VoIP needs, unlike some of our rivals. PizzaPhones is vital to the success of your company.

You could surpass the competition and keep your current customers with the aid of PizzaPhones. Clarity Voice will handle the complexities, so you may focus on making the tasty snack that so many Americans like. You could have the ability to compete with the largest companies one day.

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